What is FavYogis?
FavYogis is designed to improve the existing connection between students and their teachers. The service provides a clear channel of communication for teachers to send information out to their students.  Students get up-to-date class schedules and information about events, substitutions, or cancellations; all in one place.
“Tell me more…” Most teachers fall in love with the convenience and control they gain using FavYogis. Being able to have all your classes across multiple studios/locations/one-offs in a single place and controlling exactly how they are listed is nice. For students, no longer do they have to check multiple apps/websites or studio schedules to find the teachers that give them all the feels. All their favorite yogis’ classes are just simply staring them in the face when they open the app. Over time those saved minutes add up to lots of convenience for students. On top of the centralization of class schedules one of our strongest features is the direct communication afforded between teachers and students. Teachers can send a mobile notification blast out to students. In real-time. Any time. Students get the message right on their phone in moments (followed by an email just in case they miss the notification).  We hope teachers start to harness the power of this capability to better keep students abreast of what’s going on.
Can I get more credits without upgrading?

Yes. You can earn extra credits for teachers and classes when your friends/students/teachers join. Click here to learn more about the Share & Earn program. Note that you can create as many one-time class events as you like without using up any of your credits.

What makes FavYogis different from MindBody Online (MBO)?
The starkest difference between MBO and FavYogis is that FavYogis is quite teacher-centric while MBO is more studio-centric.
Advantages for teachers
1) Notify your students directly in realtime.
2) Exercise full control over your class schedule visibility.
3) List your classes anywhere on the globe (not studio-bound).
4) Tracks your teaching stats! A history of minutes and # of classes taught are automatically logged and stored.
Advantages for students
1) Convenience: See all your favorite teacher schedules on one screen. No more digging through multiple apps/websites and piecing together schedules.
2) Connectivity: Receive announcements in realtime from your teachers and send them questions or comments all from one place.


When a class status is “sub” does that mean my class will be seen by students as being subbed by someone else? Or does it mean they think I’m subbing for someone else?

The “sub” status is intended to denote which of YOUR classes are being subbed by someone else so your students can know not to expect your face when they arrive at class. Whenever you add another class (whether subbing for someone else, or doing a one-time event) there is no special designation outside of the class title.

How do I mark my classes as subbed or canceled?

Need to cancel or have someone else sub class for you? Here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Edit the individual class that you need to change (you can update the status of each class).
  2. Go to SETTINGS from the main menu and change the status of all your classes at once.
  3. In addition to updating the status of your classes you can send a notification out to all your students.  Simply go to your profile and tap the “Notify Students” button to let them know about your schedule changes.
How does receiving payment work?

When you receive a payment it is immediately sent to your connected Stripe account. Currently, it takes Stripe 1-2 days to have funds delivered if you have a linked bank account.

Why are my classes listed out of order?

Classes are dynamically ordered. This means that when we list your classes we always show the classes happening today first. So every day the order of the list will look different. We do this to make it easier for students to see which classes are being taught today.

Can I add a one-time class or event?
For non-recurring events like workshops and retreats just choose “One-time” instead of “Weekly” when editing or creating a class. Note that you can create as many one-time class events as you like without using up any of your credits.


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