What does FavYogis do?
FavYogis helps personal instructors manage classes, students, and payments.
The service provides a clear channel of communication for teachers to send information out to their students.  Students get up-to-date class schedules and information about events, substitutions, or cancellations; all in one place.
“Tell me more…” Most teachers fall in love with the convenience and control they gain using FavYogis. Being able to have all your classes in a single place and controlling exactly how they are listed is nice. For students, no longer do they have to check multiple apps/websites or studio schedules to find the teachers that give them all the feels. On top of the centralization of class schedules one of our strongest features is the direct communication afforded between teachers and students. Teachers can send a mobile notification blast out to students. In real-time. Any time. Students get the message right on their phone in moments (followed by an email just in case they miss the notification).  We hope teachers start to harness the power of this capability to better keep students abreast of what’s going on.
How do class registrations work for recurring classes (Personal vs Community)?

For community classes, the person who registers for your class is only registered for the single next occurrence of the class (not the whole series). Multiple people can register.

For personal classes, the person who registers for your class is registered on an on-going basis for this class. If this is a paid class, the payment can be paused or resumed by the student at any time. Currently, teachers may also pause a subscription payment, but not resume. These are designed to serve personal private classes. Each personal private class will only accept 1 registered student.

What happens when I change the status of a class?

When you change the status of a recurring class it will show those updates on every instance of that class on your calendar.

All registered students receive notifications when you make relevant changes to a class.

All your students are notified whenever you add a new public community class.

So if you plan to cancel class for just 1 week, you would update the status of the class to active after the week is over (or whenever that class is active again).

How does receiving payment work?

When you receive a payment it is immediately sent to your connected Stripe account. Currently, it takes Stripe 1-2 days to have funds delivered if you have a linked bank account.

Are there any transaction fees?

TeacherPRO accounts keep all profits from payments, while Basic accounts are assessed an application fee. All accounts are subject to the standard Stripe bank merchant processing fee.

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