Simplify your yoga. Manage schedules and payment.

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An easier way to give and get yoga.

I can easily tell you who my favorite yoga teachers are. What I can't do is tell you when they all teach. Now students like me don't have to conduct a search of websites, IG pages and studio apps to know exactly when you're teaching.

Teach where you want

Which studios do you teach at? It doesn't matter. Across multiple studios or outdoors, each class is pin-pointed on a map that makes it easy to find.

Payments Made Simple

Want to reserve a spot, or simply send a tip/donation for a great class? Great! We make it super easy for students to pay teachers.

Notify Students

Send announcements to all your students at once. Students receive your message via push notification & email instantly.

Travel and take breaks

Whether you're out of town or just taking a break quickly sub out or cancel your classes until you're ready to return and re-activate them.

Keep your schedule in Sync

Auto-update your website and calendar when you make changes to your teaching schedule.

Track Stats

Keep track of how many classes and how many hours of class you're completing. This is helpful when applying for certifications.

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