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Manage your private classes like a Pro with Favyogis

Teaching can be a hard thing to do at times, especially when you’re teaching something as practical as yoga. It’s a struggle getting students to begin with, and now you have to worry about how to set up classes, how to get your monthly payments from students and still have a location big enough to take multiple students and schedule them all into one place. 

Having to worry about all that just to do something you enjoy isn’t ideal. Wouldn’t you agree?

Why go through the stress of all these different steps when you can just fix up your yoga teaching all in one place right on your phone. How you might ask? With Favyogis of course.

Designed specially with Yogis in mind, Favyogis is an IOS, Android and web-based app that lets you execute certain crucial steps in setting up your yoga training business for continued success while saving you the hassle and waste of time. With multiple features ranging from receiving payments to scheduling all your classes for students, Favyogis has exactly what your yoga training business needs to get off the ground and scale.

At this point you’re probably wondering what exactly are the features of Favyogis and how exactly do they benefit you?
Let’s dive in.

1.) Sync classes with Google Calendar

Having trouble setting up the time and date for classes with your students? Easy fix! With Favyogis you can simply sync your schedule with your students’ schedule using Google calendar. You can also set up your very own public schedule on your website that let’s potential students know what your schedule is like and how they can best fit into it. Change your mind about your plans for the week? Editing your schedule is also possible in Favyogis and whatever changes you make will show up on your website as well, talk about convenient right?

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2.) Setting up payments

Whether it’s a monthly or one-time fee, taking payments for work you’ve done shouldn’t be a hassle. Favyogis has a payment system that easily lets you send and receive payments from your students, and with its automatic billing feature, you don’t have to stress over getting next month’s payments your students just get billed when they’re due. Use Favyogis to send, receive and schedule your payment billings all in one place. 

3.) Teach Where You Want

Where’s your next class? In the studio? Outdoors? Whatever places you teach at it doesn’t matter. With Favyogis you can let students know exactly where it is they’ll be getting their next class, and they can easily find it with each class being pinpointed on a map, making it super easy for your students to find without having to consult the Navigation gods for directions. 😉

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4.) Break and Travel Time.

Finding life and yoga teaching a bit too tasking? Your health and well being is very important in anything so you should take care of it. Need a break from your students? 


Whether you’re out of town or just simply taking a break, you can easily sub out and cancel any pre-existing classes while you go and recuperate. With Favyogis letting your students know about your cancellation you don’t have to worry about calling each of them up and can just do it all in one place at once. A lifesaver right?

5.) Student Notification

Need to get a word out to your students as fast as possible? Favyogis has got you covered. You can easily send announcements and updates about your sessions and possible developments to your students in Favyogis. They’ll get a push notification and email instantly you send out the message. Instead of having to go through individually contacting multiple students just to get the same piece of information to them, you can easily do that in Favyogis by just writing your message up and sending it to multiple people in a short amount of time.

No matter what you teach, Favyogis is a tool that’s a MUST for easier teaching life and proper business management. Exactly what your teaching business needs to fully automate a lot of its essential activities. Favyogis is that tool you had no idea you needed but should never live without. Sign up for Favyogis today and get your teaching business on its feet, ready for success!

With Favyogis, your private classes are set up for success. Come on in and get started today!

Got questions? Check our FAQs page or chat with us using our live chat feature.

Manage your private classes like a Pro with Favyogis
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Manage your private classes like a Pro with Favyogis
Manage yoga classes like a pro. Teaching can be a hard thing to do at times, especially when you're teaching something as practical as yoga. It's a struggle getting students to begin with, and now you have to worry about how to set up classes ...
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