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Announcing our new online community

Dear community member, 

It is with great excitement and sincere gratitude for you that I am writing this message to you. As Yogis we are entrusted with each other to help bring the best out of ourselves and you constantly help to make this happen by teaching the practice of yoga. 

Our community exists to bring Yogis from all around the world together to share knowledge, inspiration, experience, and heart. We aim to be a safe space for you to connect and grow with other professionals like yourself. 

While the community was built for you, it cannot thrive without you. Your experience and insights will go a long way to help others and improve your brand, even as a thought leader. As thought leaders, you are the heart and soul of driving conversations and community experience. 

We invite you to join other yoga professionals from around the world to share information, resources, and experiences and to form personal peer-to-peer relationships we hope will enhance your livelihoods, strengthen your network, and inspire your yoga teaching and practice.

We also encourage thought-provoking discussions that are grounded in Yoga  and are geared toward creating positive impact. We will have community challenges, virtual hangouts, membership discounts on Favyogis products/services, everything FUN and lots more. 

Join the Favyogis tribe here. 

What you stand to benefit from joining our community 

  • Access to the diverse, inspiring breadth and depth of members’ shared experiences and knowledge;
  • Real-time engagement with other yoga professionals just like you.
  • Community events and workshops 
  • The ability to exchange resources, share files, and post content
  • Access to growth tools and hacks for your Yoga business 

We are humbled to have created this platform geared toward bringing Yogis together to engage in deeper connections while inspiring yoga educators to think of the many opportunities that lie in the integration of the internet with Yoga. Our hope is that your conversations will help us better understand what is making a difference for you and showcase how we can better support our members.