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5 signs that say “it’s time to redesign your website”

We live in a competitive world. Your website is your business’s calling card, and it needs to make a great first impression. The look and usability of your site will always be the first thing that people notice about it. If you are overwhelmed with questions like ‘how do I know if I need to redesign my website?’ or ‘what are some signs that it’s time for me to redesign my website?’, then this blog post is for you!

Here are some signs that say “redesign your website”

  1. Website Is Slow: In this case, we sure know that slow and steady doesn’t win this race because when it comes to your website, high-speed performance is expected/needed. If it takes more than a few seconds to load your website, there’s a need to check why this is happening. Things like Excessive HTTP Requests, Unclean Code, JavaScript Issues, Un-optimized Images, Too Many Ads, Bad Hosting are some of the factors that slow down your website. Having a fast-loading website will not only ensure that your customers stick around, but also that they’ll have a great experience on your site!
  2. High Bounce Rate: what is bounce rate, and why should it matter? So, it means that visitors didn’t find your site relevant and decided to leave it right away. This is a bad thing because the whole idea of your website is to keep people on it and get them coming back or to perform a certain action right? Your bounce rate could be high for a variety of reasons, which may include, Bad Content, Poor User Experience, Technical Error, Speed Issues. A redesigned website can help with improving your bounce rate.
  3. Website looks outdated: How many times have you hopped off a website just because you didn’t like the aesthetics of the page? Your website needs to look fresh and modern or updated. Do a random check on your website. are you happy with your website? Does it look good? Are you proud of it?. This would help you determine if you need a new website.
  4. You are not ranking on google: How do you rank on google? Well, we are sure you must have heard about the almighty SEO but if you haven’t, SEO or search engine optimization is the process of placing information on your website that has the potential to increase the exposure of your website to search engines and its visitors. In other words, SEO may help your website appear more frequently in relevant searches. Yes, if your website lacks clear descriptions, relevant keywords then it is time to recreate/redesign your website. There are a lot of tools that can help you with how your website ranks.
  5. Your company is growing: With growth comes change and room for improvement. It’s important to reevaluate your website and transform your company into the future with a website that propels growth.


 If your present website exhibits even one of the warning signals listed above, it’s time to revamp it. Let us, partner, with you to give you the best working website design that would not only be beautiful but also give you the best conversions. 

We are a team of professionals with over 5 years of experience in web design and development and we have come up with a package that would fit your budget and give you what you need.

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