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Nurture your yoga community via Group Chat on FavYogis

Nurture your yoga community via Group Chat on FavYogis

Hey there, it’s wonderful to write to you again. We hope that you’re stretching and enjoying the calm. We understand the importance of yoga to you and the role that practicing yoga has played in improving the quality of your life. 

At FavYogis, we’re committed to helping you stay focused on what you love to do best. That is why our products are created with you at the center, offering you convenience wherever you are. 

We’re excited to share with you what we have been working on that is now fully available to you on the FavYogis app. We have enhanced our messaging system to enable rich Group Chat experiences. These experiences help you bring your yoga community closer and stay connected in ways that work for you.

With Group Chat, each teacher has a dedicated group to communicate and coordinate with all their students. We also automatically generate a chat group for every class that occurs. These class-specific groups allow for targeted relevant conversations with the teacher and registered students.

As a mentor, you can schedule group events and coordinate talk sessions with members of your group.

We’re excited to see how you find ways to creatively engage your community using Group Chat. You can access our Group Chat feature on mobile and web platforms here.

We look forward to getting your feedback on our new features. We hope it offers you and your community more convenience while you do what you love doing, – teaching yoga.

We are constantly sharing new updates and valuable information about building a profitable yoga business. To stay abreast subscribe to our updates.

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