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Update: Changes coming to FavYogis

Tweaks and Upgrades on FavYogis

Virtual Class Support . UI Improvements . Limited Community Classes

1) On the basic plan, Community classes are no longer unlimited but now limited to 1 per user. [Premium Accounts can create Unlimited classes].

* Existing users will get to keep all the community classes you have already created at no cost. This only applies to new classes created moving forward from the date this goes into effect.

2) We’ve made updates to our User Interface to make it easier to navigate and get the best out of FavYogis.

* Our user tests revealed some blockers which you may have experienced as well and all that has now been fixed. You can also volunteer to help us with future User tests to help make FavYogis better here.

3) Virtual classes are now supported with all scheduling and payments integrated seamlessly.


These changes will be going into effect on November 14th.

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